Friday 21st January 2022,

August 1 Fullmoon Night Ride

With a few hints of a night ride being thrown out there via Facebook a full blue & white squad was present on a glorious summer night. With clouds looming on a warm evening night Paul Devries, Jeff Rushton, Mark Cator, Hamish Gordon, Erol Blakely, Doug Ohori, Time and Mel Crosby and me Freddy rolled in to HQ at 8:30pm. We headed north on 6th to quickly escape the city lights and headed towards a brilliant red sky that was simply stunning. The clouds still loomed above and south of us with no moon in sight. We crossed west on 10th and as a typical Team RACE ride would have it, there was  split in the group, go figure! As we headed west the sky’s cleared and we were blasted with ‘la bella luna’! Magnificent. Hearts pounding, the scents of farm country and the sound of crickets, cranks and bikes rolling in harmony. It was awesome!

The ride ended with all nine of us and a spandex clad Jeff Wachman who had also just finished his massive 2km ride to Finns to help us chase down a few pints before last call. The night ended with a jubilant happy birthday song to Hamish who was thrilled to end his day on such a high. Thanks all for coming out!











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