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Brian in 2012 at Centurion Collingwood

The Passion of Team RACE

by Brian McGregor   In the winters I spend the majority of my time coaching ski racing to a wonderful group of athletes.  In 2011, Squire Johns in Collingwood left a Cervelo S2 in the window all winter long. Every time [...]

February 5, 2013 Uncategorized

Team RACE Outakes Movie

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE MOVIE You saw this at the year end party – an we’re waiting anxiously for the final PSA spot. But in the meantime…. This is a sampling of the many hours of footage that were [...]

February 4, 2013 Uncategorized

January 2013

A good group of members came out to enjoy a balmy 15 degrees mid January ride this past Saturday. With 10km in and some dirty wet roads it made it looked like everyone was out for a good cyclo-cross ride. [...]

January 16, 2013 Uncategorized

Year End Party including Hardman for 2012

November 16- It was a great night of seeing most members and their respective others – not wearing spandex – everyone cleaned up quite nicely. Hope everyone enjoyed the evening and venue and what i thought was great food. 2012 [...]

December 4, 2012 Commentary, Uncategorized

Where the hell are all the Velominata hiding?

I don’t see much in the way of Velominata-written content here on the site. And God knows it’s sometimes tough to tell a chick from a dude based on nicknames so maybe I’ve missed the chick-lit. In fact, I bet [...]

October 8, 2012 Commentary

Our Captain

As most of us sat in the Georgian College gym after dinner Friday night, we learned the extraordinary history of Tour for Kids and the Foundation. We learned  how the event evolved, how it went from this two man journey [...]

August 22, 2012 Uncategorized

August 1 Fullmoon Night Ride

With a few hints of a night ride being thrown out there via Facebook a full blue & white squad was present on a glorious summer night. With clouds looming on a warm evening night Paul Devries, Jeff Rushton, Mark [...]

August 2, 2012 Uncategorized

Steve Podborski in Team RACE kit!

“Hey Team Race, thank you very much for the kit, I’ll wear it with pride.” Steve Podborski [...]

July 19, 2012 Uncategorized

Wachie’s Report on Cycling in Mississauga

I could not give you a status report on the progress we are making without you understanding the point from which we started. At the time it was pretty dire for roadies and yes Team Race and Hazel have a [...]

July 9, 2012 Uncategorized

Lost & Found in Haliburton Highlands

by Hamish Gordon:: On Canada Day weekend I was the fortunate guest of the King family on Hall’s Lake.  But it was at Fort Irwin and on the Harborn Road that I made a remarkable re-discovery. It was a re-discovery [...]

July 5, 2012 Uncategorized