Friday 21st January 2022,

Club Social & Idea Exchange

April 6th At HQ  1-4pm

Team RACE continues to evolve, but we can’t do it without you!  We hope all members, spouses and invited guests that share a desire to help us “Ride Against Cancer Everywhere!” attend this exciting event.
Team RACE is a unique club of amazing people that both individually and collectively have accomplished some amazing things. Many of these things are philanthropic, others are athletic, lots are social, some have been very fulfilling, others heart breaking, but all have enriched our lives and the lives of hundreds of others with whom we have shared our time, money, and/or relevant experiences. All of you know Freddy and he continues to be the driving powerhouse behind Team RACE, however he can’t, nor should he, be expected to do it all.
On April 6th, Team RACE will host an amazing 3 hour event including, networking, idea exchange and social engagement, what a great way to finally begin to break up this never ending winter.

Team RACE will host a fun, but structured and productive event at 1101 Clarkson Rd, Mississauga.
Who should attend?
1. All members, past present or potential.
2. Members spouses and significant others as a way to; better understand, better support and/or more deeply engage in all of what Team RACE stands for!
3. Members are encouraged to invite guests that may be interested in contributing to this event, at future events or on the road.

What we are looking for?
1. Relevant ideas and experiences that may help us serve the Coast to Coast Foundation.
2. Volunteers for events that serve to raise; awareness, money and/or membership.

What to expect?
1. A fun, productive and engaging couple of hours shared with other passionate people that just “get it!”
2. “A happy ending”…as they say. That means beer, wine and something good to eat!

Hope to see you all there!

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