Friday 21st January 2022,

Good Friday Road Race Report

An Ontario Spring Classic.

All signs looked promising for a good showing at the Good Friday Road Race at Ancaster Fairgrounds. Lots of member spectators, a few master entries in the races, Derek on hand providing bike support under the Bike Right tent with our Team RACE banner (thanks Jeff at Media Resources!) All team members of our 5 rider race squad showing up to put their training to the test.
Bill Jackes had a decent showing finishing 17/100 in the peloton on a bunch sprint finish in the M3 race. While James Sreblowski racing in the lead group of the E4 was having a great race until the race was neutralized due to the lead vehicle going off course. The race was then reset and James lost his race mojo and DNFd.

In the E3 Race with Domenic, Adam and Michael, expectations were high. This was the race TR was to dominate. From the massive start of 72 riders the boys were trying to stay together, monitor the attacks and pack a few of their own. Within the first lap, a crash right in front of Michael Nangle forced him to take a flying dive on the asphalt, with 10+ others going down as well. He rallied, the troops but many were just too busted up. He began the chase. He dug deep and made his way through many rider groups and nearly bridging to the main pack before withdrawing from the race. Battered and bruised with half his bibs shredded he made his way to the Med-tent to look after what turned out was a fractured wrist. Meanwhile back in the peloton Domenic and Adam had missed a 6 man break from the starting line, and now trailed some 2 minutes. Which in the end placed them close to a minute back of the leaders in the middle of the peloton in 30th and 34th place.

The afternoon races featured the E1/2 with Stephen Welsh and Hamish Gordon making an appearance after 3 year hiatus from O-Cup racing. Welcome back Hamish! Stevie knew from the start this wasn’t going to be an easy race for him. All flat, and wind. Stevie likes to climb- this race had nothing of the sort. This race was going to be all about managing his time in the peloton and having a safe ride. He sat comfortably in the pack until the last lap when shit hit the fan and the group split. Stevie bridged across to the main group and then the boys turned it up with one km to go and Stevie lost contact and ended up 1 minute behind the leaders. Still a solid race for the 18yr old. Nice job Stevie!

“El Don” of the peloton some 10 years ago was at it again. A very anxious and nervous Hamish took to the start line. The plan was simple stay in the front and monitor all the attacks and keep a close eye on the race in front. After the first lap Hamish was sitting comfortably in 5th wheel chasing a lead group some 30 seconds ahead. Nerves had settled and he was in control. After the race Hamish explains… “Ya we caught the break by the end of lap two. Several more break aways were attempted in laps 3 & 4 including a couple with me in them but none succeed until the last lap.  My game plan was to stay up where the action was and stay out of trouble at the back.  If you drift back to far in the pack of 70 riders you will never get back in the breaks.  So with 2 Kms to go the whole bunch was together.  Greg Cushing launched an attack I jumped on his wheel and extended the attack – With Carlo of Team Type One Diabetes.  We gapped the bunch by 150 meters and put the hammer down.  We worked together for 1.5 km but then Carlo started to fade – I attacked him with everything cause the pack was coming down hard on me with 100 meters to go – I made the final turn into the straight away to the finish line in the lead, but then I got swamped by the sprinters to finish up 7th overall in the bunch sprint.”

Thanks to all that showed up to support the racers, Erol, Mel and Tim, Jim, Derek, Ella and little Brandon- great to see everyone! Heal up fast Michael! Next race Springbank in London, then Grey-Road Road Race in Collingwood. Hope to get a real good turnout Sunday May 18th at the Niagara Classic.

Team RACE looking sharp at the start line of the E1/2 race.

Spot the coolest cat at the start line of the E1/2 race.

Hamish in tight with the leaders.

Hamish in tight with the leaders.

Bike Right support at the race.

Bike Right support at the race.

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