Saturday 28th May 2022,

I’m Freddy

I’m likely the guy you’ll likely be chatting with with any questions about the club, also, the keeper of the SWAG and in charge of the communications. Really excited about the upcoming year and how the club has evolved over the past few years. Lots of new members, with new energy all in the spirit to do-good while riding our bikes.

Really want to stress the cause and the reason we formed this club. Back in 2003 a team of guys launched from she shoreline of Vancouver to raise awareness and fund for childhood cancer and we rode across the country to Halifax in 9 days. It was epic. It launched a community into action and launched our neighbourhood group into action. Those guys included, Jeff Rushton, Scott Graham, Hamish Gordon, James Layfield, and Kevin Wallace (Erik Jensen and Mitch Kennedy- as support, as well as many others). The next year a handful of these very same guys shared a Guinness and discussed the idea of what is now Team RACE. I’m thrilled on how we’ve spread the voice and recruited some amazing individuals that share the same vision and values. Another day I’ll bring you up to speed on that Rushton fellow and share the drive and passion that fellow has for the fight against cancer and how he has led a fundraising campaign totalling $14+million for childhood oncology.

Ok, lets get this out of the way. Yes, we like to go fast on our bikes, and at times that works in contrary to our recruiting efforts. However if you survive those painful initial rides and get to know us, we’re good guys that do good things. As you’ll notice on those rides, I’m usually the guy that will sit up and look back and ensure no guy gets left behind, its the camp counselor in me. But our speed and our cast of characters that defines Team RACE is without a doubt very unique and very real. As is cancer. Its stubborn, its deadly and taking many loved ones away from us. For this reason, its a ‘race’ for a cure and not just a ride, and we’re passionate about the causes we believe in.

We see ourselves as an ‘inclusive club’, there are no barriers in joining Team RACE, no minimum riding ability, no geographic borders, no necessary qualifications, only a common cause and passion for the love of the bike and a cure for cancer. Drop me a line if you need any more questions answered. Join us in our movement and be part of a community that celebrates life and does what it can to help those in need.

And lastly thank you to all sponsors that believe in our small club and what we stand for.





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