Saturday 28th May 2022,

Our Captain

As most of us sat in the Georgian College gym after dinner Friday night, we learned the extraordinary history of Tour for Kids and the Foundation. We learned  how the event evolved, how it went from this two man journey across the US,  to six across Canada,  to 38 riders in 2004 and on to what it is today, with a committed and passionate community of thousands. This is not by chance. This  is what comes with passionate and committed leadership. Jeff Rushton is responsible for this community and the captain of this ship.

Jeff leads by example, he has been an incredible fundraiser, he has ridden the most challenging rides, he has given up many rides to ensure rest stops are set up so we can enjoy our rides, he gives up his bike for others to enjoy, he lifts luggage, packs bikes in transport trucks, sits on many childhood oncology boards, he  listens and tries to learn  everything he can so he can better the system, he does it all with a big smile and tons and tons of enthusiasm. He has been to all the Coast to Coast events over the past 10 years taking time away from family and his business to ensure the momentum  is maintained. Jeff never rests, and his passion for Tour For Kids and all the other foundation events is contagious.  His spirit permeates  everyone around him and so we experience all of those around us as our  best friends. He empowers individuals, inspiring them to dial up their game and  become extraordinary individuals doing amazing things. Many of us have become ‘ heroes’ because of Jeff Rushton’s passion for making this a better world. We thank you Jeff for making us all better people, by sharing  in your vision and drive.  You engage the best possible  resources and bring groups of people together to help you orchestrate these amazing, life changing experiences for all.
Jeff has passionately led a team to build a lasting foundation and event platform allowing all of us to  participate while meeting other like minded individuals. You are truly an amazing guy and our  hero.
Thank you Jeff!



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