Saturday 28th May 2022,


Here is a new feature just released by Strava. Check out this weeks activity in detail.


Strava is a popular, easy to use mapping and tracking application available online and on mobile devices — iPhone and Android.   Top-rated by Bicycling Magazine and, athletes can upload both rides and runs easily on the go.  While tracking your progress, see how you stack up against friends, professional athletes and other local riders.

Your workouts are easily downloaded from your Garmin (Edge or Forerunner), as well as iPhone and Android apps.  Sync them to and see your activities in minutes.

How to use it?

  • Create a free profile at OR if you have an iPhone or Android device, download the app from the iTunes app store and create your profile from there
  • Fill in your profile information, including equipment, profile picture, etc.
  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, if desired
  • From the Dashboard, click on “Explore” to locate the “Clubs” tab, search for Team RACE

Why use it?

  • There are challenges that help you compete among your friends/teammates/other athletes around the world.  You can even win free stuff, like nutrition and gear.  Most of all, you can motivate and cheer on your teammates
  • You can make and save ride/run maps and send them to friends and teammates.
  • You can easily download and analyze your workouts. Also track equipment usage and workout details, including speed, pace, distance, elevation gain, and the uber-important suffer score
  • When a rider tops the leader board on a weekly ride or achieves King or Queen of the Mountain on a tough hilly segment, everyone can cheer them on or brag on Facebook or Twitter
  • Chat amongst teammates about upcoming races, rides, and training methods