Friday 21st January 2022,

Team RACE Outakes Movie


You saw this at the year end party – an we’re waiting anxiously for the final PSA spot. But in the meantime….

This is a sampling of the many hours of footage that were taken back in October for the Public Service Announcement (PSA) that is being worked on for our cycling club. Krista at Steam Films was nice enough to get us the raw files so that we could see what was captured and i managed to assemble this 45 min assortment of various scenes that were shot throughout the day. I’m certain Krista and her team will hit this one out of the park when they edit it down to 30seconds and the one minute spot.

Anyways for now and your winter training you can have a view at this movie. Enjoy.


Team RACE Outakes from Team RACE on Vimeo.

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