Saturday 28th May 2022,

TR Thursday Piano Ride – The Highs and the Lows

April 12 Piano Ride: 14 Team RACERs headed out for the regular Thursday night piano ride last week.  We made our way out along Lower Base Line Rd.  As we approached the first Strava segment of the night, Hamish calls out “whose in?”  I jumped third wheel behind Cator and Hamish. When it was my time to be launched, Hamish waved me by. “I’m going as fast as I can”, I try to gasp.  Barely able to keep up, Hamish kindly slowed down to let me by.  Little did I know that Freddy was in his favorite spot, 4th wheel.  I managed to hang on, with visions of a KOM crown and anxiously wanted to get home to download the ride.  Turns out I was King of the Mountain, but likely only until we hit that segment next week.

It kind of fell apart after from there.  My first flat was at Appleby & Dundas; my second flat was at Cornwall & Ford, and then, another freaking flat on Winston Chruchill.  As I fixed the tire for the third time (thanks to Erol for the tube) I realized I had a small hole in the sidewall.  Just as the boys were offering to go and get a car, and me thinking I was going to have to walk, a friendly motorist with a bike rack stopped and gave me a ride back to TR HQ.  I even made it to Finn McCools in time to meet the other Team RACERs for a well-deserved pint ending the night on a high note. And my faith in passing motorists was renewed, at least until another dickhead flashes me the finger on my next ride.


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