Saturday 28th May 2022,

Year End Party including Hardman for 2012

November 16- It was a great night of seeing most members and their respective others – not wearing spandex – everyone cleaned up quite nicely. Hope everyone enjoyed the evening and venue and what i thought was great food.

2012 was a great year for Team RACE. The club evolved and matured throughout this year more so than any other prior. From the structured ride schedule, to fundraising to payment systems to Facebook group chats, the synergy and communication for all members was more evident this year, and that’s a great sign for our cycling club.

There were plenty of mentions at the night of the party with plenty of individual efforts during this past riding season. Some notable fundraising efforts from our team total of $93K came from Erik Jensen (top fundraiser for the year), me/Freddy, Michael Sharpe, Jim Maguire, Richard Kunow, Mark Cator, James Layfield, Jeff Flemington, Nicole Lentini and Erol Blakely. On the bike, we saw some huge improvements in big-red (Michael Sharpe), Nicole, Adam, Billy Jackes, and of course at the front we had the regulars contributors such as Cator and Hamish always pressing the pace and dialing up the sufferfest- we wouldn’t want it any other way. The Tour for Kids Triple Crown, offered a new challenge and members like Kevin Beaudry, Adam Lentini, Nicole Lentini, James Layfield and Jim Maguire accepted the challenge, kudos to them all.

With a relatively full calendar in 2012, we plan on more rides, special events, and memorable moments for 2013. Keep checking back for the calendar!

At the end of the evening we celebrated the candidates for the Harman award for 2012. Candidates included, Jensen, Cator, Sharpe, Nicole and Maguire, in the end it was none other than Nicole Lentini that took over the coveted Hardman award for 2013. She sets the bar pretty high for 2013, congratulations Nicole.


James Layfield and Nicole Lentini: Hardman 2011 and 2012 respectively: and until recently engaged to be married. Congratulations!


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